Beauty for the world
The cosmetics industry aims not to damage the environment,
whilst satisfying our own beauty needs.
But what do we mean exactly by ‘environment’?
  • Probably the best way of expressing this is that we are part of Nature
    and so need to live responsibly
    as we interact with the world around us.
  • Our cultural evolution will continue to impact on
    our biological development.
  • Environment is the new term we give for the interaction
    between Nature and the Culture of man.
This Nature-Culture interaction has greatly changed
our Environment (often in worrying ways).
It is part of man’s culture to accommodate and involve
the whole world community in acting
“in the interests of us all”.
The best companies in terms of respecting the environment
Cosmetica Italia looks ahead
Cosmetica Italia has taken part in numerous sustainable development initiatives.
This, too, augurs well for the future.