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La forza e il sorriso Onlus is a typical example of cure and care
for those wanting to feel good about themselves and with others.
It is the Italian version of the “Look Good…Feel Better” project that was born in the USA in 1989.
It started in Italy in 2006 thanks to the support of the Italian make-up industry.
It is aimed at all women undergoing cancer treatment who want to maintain their
femininity and regain a sense of well-being and self-esteem.
The overall objective is for women to “be able to smile at themselves
in the mirror and on the inside, too”.
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Fabio Rossello
President of Cosmetica Italia
The trade association has been supporting the ‘La forza e il sorriso’ project since 2006, dedicated to women undergoing cancer treatment. It is part of the “Look Good…Feel Better” network.
Stefano Zecchi
Professor in Aesthetics and writer
When you feel your life is slipping away, psychologically it is really important to restore faith in the beauty of your body: it’s about facing the world again, getting your life back.
La forza e il sorriso
‘La forza e il sorriso’ programme is completely free for women undergoing cancer treatment. The aim is to help them improve their physical appearance both during and after their therapy.